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A truly relaxing birdsong recording captures the life and soul of the Great english Countryside, a blissful wildlife habitat recorded in stunning clarity. Providing a soothing and flawless backdrop for any mood.

Full album version over an hour long. You can download instantly to listen to birdsong on your IPod or mp3 player.

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A fresh new approach to relaxation. This 1 hour MP3 is captured in the highest quality and was recorded in the early 90's in Norfolk, England. It was captured in Norfolk, England in an area with an impressive natural habitat.

Andrew Flintham was the man behind the recording and 15 years later tells us how it is not impossible to record a birdsong dawn chorus such as this. Due to increasing noise pollution of modern day living. Despite the fact that a microphone can be many miles away from civilisation, sensitive instruments will still pick this up.

The endangered earth recording is therefore testiment to the fact that we are putting the world at risk. Overthrill records, the company behind the CD/mp3 have formed a exciting partnership with bird song radio. This gives us ability to promote and distribute this to you.

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Brecklands Dawn Chorus - Birdsong Radio

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